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TMT Rebars

hardfithome's TMT rebars come with a series of inherent advantages like consistent quality along with uniform grades, dimensions, and tolerances. It also comes with superior stability, high strength-to-weight ratios, properties for higher durability and easy workability.

Sturdflex- waterproofing

hardfithomes Sturdflex assures the optimal waterproofing for your home right from the time of construction. Our waterproofing planners will guide you end-to-end and ensure that you have a hassle-free experience of safeguarding your home.

Gates & Grills

Any gate or grill keeps your home secure, but exceptionally designed gates and grills add beauty and elegance to it. The only structural steel of very high quality can be molded perfectly into such designs - like ‘Gates & Grills’ structural steel range from hardfithomes.


It is highly pure, which gives it enhanced strength and durability. It bonds perfectly with cement, thanks to its best-in-class rib pattern with the highest AR value. That means more resilience to any kind of load It is highly resistant to earthquakes, due to a combination of higher strength and ductility. A high UTS/YS ratio of 1.15 minimum raises its capacity to absorb energy


Equipped with latest technology, machinery and tools. The advanced infrastructure facilities are  accelerating the product rate and quality.Produced in modern integrated plant with latest THERMEX QST German Technology. Sponge iron plant, iron ore processing unit, captive power plant,  steel melting unit, billet casting unit, Fully Computerized and Automated High Speed Modern Rolling mill is available in the same premises.


To manufacture world class quality steel products for the consumers   by adopting modern technology with energy efficient equipments .best raw materials and continual   improvement plan and become one of the leading tmt bar manufacturers in the globalized economy .

Advantages of THERMEX QST German Technology

excellent Ductility : Due to uniform grain.

excellent Weldability : Due to low carbon equivalent.

excellent Bendability : Due to controlled process.

excellent Bond Strength : Due to uniform & precise ribs.

excellent Fatigue Resistance : Due to high UTS/YS ratio.

excellent Earthquake Resistance: Due to higher percentage of elongation.

excellent Resistance to Corrosion and Fire : Due to highly controlled chemistry.

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